The UK Housing Market

How much will you pay on a mortgage?

If you own property in the UK or are thinking of purchasing a home then knowing the current housing market trends forecast and predictions may help you understand how housing prices move, whether the bubble has burst and the property market in general.

Nationwide and Halifax House Price Index

Both the Nationwide Building Society and the Halifax publish house price data each month showing the average price of homes across the country by region. The data is based on the lending data for approved mortgages at the approval stage. The data for both is generally derived on the same calculations although there are some small variations in how these are all calculated.

The nationwide index can be found here and the halifax results are shown here as the Halifax is now part of the lloyds banking group. The land registry also publish their own house price index and their methodology is different.

nationwide house price index

Latest news on house prices

Here is the latest news on house and property prices.

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