Calculating Mortgage Repayments

How much will you pay on a mortgage?

No matter how large your mortgage or remortgage is going to be you can calculate just how much you will have to repay each month using our online calculators.

How much will I pay on my mortgage?

You can calculate the repayments on any loan value for mortgage purposes by using our handy online mortgage calculator that shows interest paid and the monthly repayment on any mortgage for any length of time and for any interest rate. You'll can then calculate various options and find the right size of loan over the right period of time for your circumstances.

Calculations done for you

Alternatively you can use our reference pages below that have calculations already made for some of the popular mortgage sizes (these are 50000, 100000, 200000, 300000 and 500000) so you can see various mortgage rates and repayment times and what impact these have on any monthly repayment.

Please use the following pages for reference but always check out the mortgage calculator on this site (there's a navigation link at the top of each page for ease of use).

As with any mortgage product you should always seek professional advice from a mortgage broker or independent financial adviser who can find the mortgages that are right for your circumstances.